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TangiTek, LLC & CleanSignal™

TangiTek, LLC is a start-up technology company located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

TangiTek develops novel CleanSignal™ materials for the electronics industry.

CleanSignal™ EMI/RF shielding technology has application to a wide array of telecommunication infrastructure.

We seek to fundamentally change telecommunication infrastructure by improving performance, increasing energy efficiency, and lowering costs using our patented green technology.

TangiTek CleanSignal™ technology can be applied to almost any type of antenna, circuit board, cable, gasket, or enclosure to reduce unwanted electromagnetic noise and interference.

Current products include EMI/RF shielding enclosures, bags, gaskets, absorbers, cables, boot material, and antenna noise filters.

TangiTek is positioning itself to become an IP holding company and intends to license CleanSignal™ technology to prospective clients and end users.

We solicit licensing partners and visionary investors to grow our business.