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TangiTek - CleanSignal: Technical Articles and White Paper

# Paper Description Download (PDF)
1. Characterization of Novel Magnetically Loaded Flocked Carbon Fiber Microwave Absorber. Presented at the 2018 IEEE Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal & Power Integrity, July 30 - August 3, 2018, Long Beach, CA EMC+SIPI 2018 Program 
2. Development and Characterization of Carbon-Fiber Based Magnetically Loaded Microwave Absorber Material. Presented at the International Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility, August 27-30, 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands EMC EUROPE 2018 Program 
3. Ultra-lightweight, thin, tunable and broadband - magnetically loaded, flocked Carbon Fiber composite Radar Absorbing Materials (MF-RAM) for Improved Soldier Protection and Lethality. Whitepaper submitted to (ASA(ALT)) Army xTechSearch (7/10/2018)  
4. TangiTek CleanSignal EMI Shielding - Antenna Application. Technology Overview  
5. The TangiTek CleanSignal EMI Shielding - Antenna element white paper. White Paper  

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