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TangiTek - CleanSignal: Technical Articles and White Paper

Click on the links below to download CleanSignal Atricles and Whitepapers.

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1. TangiTek CleanSignal - Antenna Application. Technology Overview  
2. The TangiTek CleanSignal antenna element white paper. White Paper  
Electromagnetic signals are widely used to transmit and receive information through circuit boards, cables, and between antennas over wireless channels. Modern day communications are heavily reliant on such transmissions computers, instrumentation and control systems, smart phones, radio towers, and global satellite positioning systems are just a few examples of how electromagnetic transmissions form the fabric of 21st century communication.

Every electronic device uses electrical signals to receive, process, and transmit information. However electrical currents within and nearby these devices cause unwanted background noise and distortion which degrades signal transmission. Conventional approaches to reducing background noise and improving performance typically center on adding more signal gain. But amplifying the signal also tends to increase the noise, not to mention increasing the need for more power.

We have developed and tested a comprehensive portfolio of patented and patent-pending TangiTek CleanSignal technology that boosts transmitted signals without the need for additional power. TangiTek CleanSignal technology can be applied to almost any type of antenna, circuit board, cable, gasket, or enclosure to reduce unwanted electromagnetic noise and interference.
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